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Working together on your documentary

What kind of documentary do you want to make? Reconstruction, behavioral study or a search-based one? It can also be a combination of all three. We from momentscapture can offer support from the start on the structure of your documentary. Starting with :

1-A basic idea.

2-Goal : What do you want to show with this film?

3-Which form do you want to give the film ?   4-Content of the film

5-Research based on who, where, what, when, why and how.

6-Planning visual proof if necessary.

7-Never forget that the engine of the documentary is the dramatic conflict.

The viewer of your documentary may not miss any information. You cannot deliver a documentary that "you still have to explain". Your film must of course tell a full story. The treatment or the senario helps with this. By recording your ideas in a treatment you are forced to make all the choices that you have to make before the recordings.

there is a lot more involved in filming a documentary and we at momentscapture will take over all the worries and preparations from our clients.

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